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We execute all types of pavements, paths and patios in multitude patterns using a variety of tiles, natural stone, artificial stone, concrete pavers, pebbles and gravel. Dry wadis, also known as dry creek beds, garden bridges and natural rockeries help us conceive multi-faceted landscape topographies. We install outdoor feature walls and water features to present a different dimension to the landscape as well. For safety and security reasons, we position stylish bollards to segment walkways, parking areas, bike lanes, and restricted areas. To accommodate an alfresco lifestyle, we fashion built-in garden seating, built-in barbecue pits, gazebos, and pergolas.

Our horticultural experts thoughtfully coordinate with our landscape architects and irrigation engineers to construct inspirational yet feasible plant displays. They are well-versed in selecting plants that not only enhance the landscape architect’s canvas but also match the terrain, environmental elements and irrigation budget. The team is also equally adept at furnishing indoor areas with greenery. Their work palette consists of palms, trees, fruit trees, shrubs, climbers, tall grasses, succulents, ground covers, seasonal flowers, lawn turfs and green walls. Green walls, also known as living walls and vertical gardens, are becoming a must-have landscaping commodity in the Middle East. Their increasing popularity can be attributed to the sheer wow factor they imbue. We have partnered with the renowned Dutch brand Sempergreen® to bring their technology of pre-cultivated modular panels for internal and external walls to you.

The irrigation department is a critical component of our organization. Our irrigation engineers are well-versed in developing automatic irrigation systems with the latest water-efficient technology. “Smart” irrigation controllers which automatically tailor the watering schedule and water supply to the current climate are at the team’s disposal for water conservation.The team carefully assesses the peak volume requirements and weather conditions to devise sustainable and economic watering systems. They develop customized irrigation networks suited to the individual design aspects of each project by installing one or a combination of the following irrigation methods:

    • Drip Irrigation


    • Spray Irrigation


    • Sprinkler Irrigation


    Micro-spray Irrigation

We also install various centrifugal pump stations in horizontal or vertical configuration that use multi-stage, end suction and submersible pumps to facilitate the process of irrigation.

We also install various centrifugal pump stations in horizontal or vertical configuration that use multi-stage, end suction and submersible pumps to facilitate the process of irrigation.

Landscape maintenance is the vital preservation of the health, safety, tidiness and allure of landscapes. Green Glades’ maintenance ethos rests on the provision of immaculate gardens and their adjoining areas for years to come. We place a strong emphasis on punctuality, availability, and client satisfaction. Our field teams are extremely mobile and utilize modern tools and equipment to carry out their tasks effectively and swiftly.

We provide maintenance of hard landscapes, soft landscapes, irrigation systems, swimming pools, water features and lighting elements. Our service contracts can be customized to meet your specific requirements.

Our maintenance plan for soft landscapes may consist of but not be limited to:

    • Regular Weeding


    • Lawn Mowing and Edging


    • Tree and Shrub Trimming and Pruning


    • Hedge Trimming


    • Pest Control


    • Fertilizer Application


    Seasonal Plantings

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